HRD Monthly Science Meeting of May 2020

May's science meeting consisted of six presentations: Michael Fischer: An examination of local shear, vortex tilt, and tropical cyclone intensity change using airborne radar observations Erica Bower: Towards an Automated Approach to Analyzing Extreme Precipitation and Tropical Cyclones Hua Leighton: Ice Particle Size Distributions from Composites of Microphysics Observations Collected in Tropical Cyclones Laura Ko: … Continue reading HRD Monthly Science Meeting of May 2020

50th Anniversary of Hurricane Debbie seeding

Hurricane Debbie’s eye as seen from ESSA DC-6 On August 18th and 20th, 1969, Hurricane Debbie was subjected to a seeding experiment as part of Project STORMFURY.  STORMFURY was a joint Navy and Environmental Science Services Administration (ESSA, the predecessor of NOAA) project to test the hypothesis that seeding hurricanes with silver iodide would disrupt … Continue reading 50th Anniversary of Hurricane Debbie seeding

50th Anniversary of Hurricane Camille

On the night of August 17-18th, 1969, Hurricane Camille came howling into Waveland, MS, with estimated sustained winds of 175 mph (280 km/hr) and a storm surge of 24 feet (7.3 m) to become the second strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in the United States (after the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935).  Camille also … Continue reading 50th Anniversary of Hurricane Camille

55th Anniversary of Hurricane Flora

On the night of October 3, 1963, Hurricane Flora smashed into the southern coast of Haiti.  It raked the country with 145 mph (230 km/hr) winds and dumped tremendous downpours on its mountains.  It would become one of the deadliest and wettest Atlantic hurricanes on record. Flora began as an African easterly wave, moving over … Continue reading 55th Anniversary of Hurricane Flora

125th Anniversary of the Chenière Caminada hurricane

On the morning of October 2, 1893, a severe hurricane came roaring across the Louisiana coast near the village of Chenière Caminada, all but wiping the town flat and killing over half the population. Like many late season hurricanes, this storm formed from a disturbance in the western Caribbean Sea around Sept. 27th.  By the … Continue reading 125th Anniversary of the Chenière Caminada hurricane

80th Anniversary of the Great New England hurricane

On September 21, 1938, a hurricane moving at over 50 mph struck Long Island and raced over New England, bringing a storm surge and heavy rainfall.  It would be remembered for generations as the "Long Island Express". The storm originated from a disturbance detected off Africa on Sept. 9th.  It was tracked via ship reports … Continue reading 80th Anniversary of the Great New England hurricane

30th Anniversary of Hurricane Gilbert

On September 16, 1988, Hurricane Gilbert made landfall at the Mexican city of La Pesca,Tamaulipas, with winds of 125 mph (200 km/hr).  It had already brought destruction upon the Yucatan peninsula and the Caribbean islands.  Along the way it set a new low-pressure record that would stand for 17 years. Gilbert was a classic Cape … Continue reading 30th Anniversary of Hurricane Gilbert

90th Anniversary of Lake Okeechobee Hurricane

On September 16, 1928, the deadliest hurricane in Florida's history struck West Palm Beach.  As it moved inland it drove the waters of Lake Okeechobee against the mud levees on its shores.  When the levees failed, a surge inundated the communities of Okeechobee City, South Bay and Belle Glade, causing thousands of deaths. The storm … Continue reading 90th Anniversary of Lake Okeechobee Hurricane

145th anniversary of first hurricane warning

On August 21, 1873, the U.S. Army Signal Corps' National Weather Service issued a hurricane warning extending from Cape May, NJ to New London, CT.  This was the first such warning issued by the Service, which was formed just three years prior. The hurricane was a classic Cape Verde storm, forming near the islands on … Continue reading 145th anniversary of first hurricane warning

35th Anniversary of Hurricane Alicia

In the early morning hours of August 18, 1983, Hurricane Alicia made landfall at San Luis Pass, Texas, just southwest of the Galveston area.  Its 115 mph (185 km/hr) winds slammed the high rises of Houston leaving billions of dollars in damage in its wake. Like many tropical storms that form during low-activity years, Alicia … Continue reading 35th Anniversary of Hurricane Alicia