15th Anniversary of Goldenberg, et al. paper

In the July 20, 2001, issue of Science magazine, HRD scientists Stan Goldenberg and Chris Landsea, AOML oceanographer Alberto M. Mestas-Nuñez, and Colorado State professor Bill Gray published the article "The Recent Increase in Atlantic Hurricane Activity: Causes and Implications".  The cover article examined the upsurge in Atlantic hurricane activity starting in 1995 and related … Continue reading 15th Anniversary of Goldenberg, et al. paper

10th Anniversary of AMMA

Starting in July of 2006, the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis (AMMA) project ran a major field campaign, gathering weather and ocean data from western Africa and nearby waters.  The main purpose was to document the inter-seasonal and inter-annual variability of the African Monsoon, where hot, dry air from the Sahara and warm, moist air for … Continue reading 10th Anniversary of AMMA

HRD Monthly Science Meeting of September 2015

September’s science meeting consisted of 4 presentations: Evan Forde – What’s up with TCs in proximity to SALs 1987-2008 Robert Rogers – Observations of the asymmetric structure and intensity evolution of Hurricane Edouard (2014). Part I: Kinematic structure and distribution of deep convection Rochelle Worsnop (University of Colorado-Boulder) – Power spectrum and spatial coherence of … Continue reading HRD Monthly Science Meeting of September 2015