125th Anniversary of the Chenière Caminada hurricane

On the morning of October 2, 1893, a severe hurricane came roaring across the Louisiana coast near the village of Chenière Caminada, all but wiping the town flat and killing over half the population. Like many late season hurricanes, this storm formed from a disturbance in the western Caribbean Sea around Sept. 27th.  By the … Continue reading 125th Anniversary of the Chenière Caminada hurricane

120th anniversary of “Cheniere Caminada” hurricane

On October 2, 1893, during one of the most destructive hurricane seasons in United States' history, a late-season hurricane struck Cheniere Caminada, LA.  It's estimated 135 mph winds drove an 18 foot storm surge over the island village and the hurricane caused nearly 2000 deaths and $5 million in damage.  The storm had brushed the … Continue reading 120th anniversary of “Cheniere Caminada” hurricane