Paper on the new basin-scale version of HWRF developed at HRD published in Weather and Forecasting

The Hurricane Weather Research and Forecasting Model (HWRF) has become an important tool for both hurricane forecasters and researchers. The current HWRF has three domains around only one tropical cyclone. Its inner domain makes forecasts on a grid with points 2 km apart and follows the tropical cyclone during the forecast. During hurricane season in …

HRD Monthly Science Meeting of December 2013

December's Science meeting had 4 presentations: Eric Uhlhorn – Inflow Asymmetries in Sheared Hurricanes Jun Zhang - Asymmetric hurricane boundary layer structure in relation to the environmental wind shear Xuejin Zhang - Binary TC interaction Kathryn Sellwood - Proposed diagnostics for evaluating HWRF model processes: Balance, Stability, suggestions? The presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site as a zip archive at: