Modeling and Prediction Research

The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model is a general purpose mesoscale modeling system that was developed at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration‘s (NOAANational Center for Environmental Protection (NCEP) to facilitate collaborative, world-wide, multi-institutional, advanced weather research. A version of the WRF model called NOAA‘s HWRF modeling system was developed by NCEP in 2006 for the specific purpose of hurricane forecasting. In 2007, NOAA‘s HWRF model was officially adopted by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) as one of its main numerical guidance models.

Since then, the Numerical Modeling Group of NOAA‘s Hurricane Research Division (HRD), located at the Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory (AOML), has greatly advanced NOAA‘s HWRF model. One of the group’s most recent accomplishments is the development of the High-resolution HWRF model, the first 3 km-resolution regional model to be officially adopted and run operationally by the NHC at the start of the 2012 hurricane season. The High-resolution HWRF model was developed by the AOML/HRD Numerical Modeling Group through state-of-the-art research involving the following key elements:

  1. High-resolution numerical model developments;
  2. Advancements to physical parameterizations for hurricane models based on observations;
  3. And above all, advancements in the basic understanding of hurricane processes.

In collaboration with NCEP‘s Environmental Modeling Center (EMC), and with the vital support of NOAA‘s Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project (HFIP), the AOML/HRD Numerical Modeling Group is fully committed for years to come to the development and further advancement of NOAA‘s HWRF modeling system.

NOAA’s High-resolution HWRF Basin-scale Model


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