HRD Research supports NOAA’s 5-Year Strategic Plan:

  1. Advance the understanding and prediction of changes in the environment through world class science and observations
  2. Improve preparedness, response, and recovery from weather and water events by building a Weather-Ready Nation

These goals are advanced at HRD through five research themes

  • Observing Techniques-Involves designing, testing, and automating optimal data collection, as well as quality control, analysis, and transmission of data to improve initialization and validation of operational and research tropical-cyclone models, and to further basic understanding.
  • Modeling and Prediction-This research is aimed at developing and improving both multi-layer numerical and statistical-dynamical models for use in real-time tropical cyclone (TC) track and intensity forecasting.
  • Data Assimilation-Focuses on the utilization of a wide range of observations for the state analysis of tropical systems and their near environments for the purpose of studying physical/dynamical processes and improving numerical forecasts by employing advanced ensemble-based and variational techniques.
  • Dynamics and Physics-This research is aimed at improving our understanding of tropical cyclones through the application of fundamental physical principles of air motion, moist thermodynamics, and radiation.
  • Impacts-The multi-faceted nature of hurricane hazards (winds, storm surge, waves, heavy rainfall, flooding, mudslides, etc) continues to result in natural disasters with loss of life and property. HRD scientists are involved in research to advance the understanding of these impacts

HRD is uniquely positioned to advance understanding of TC processes in close cooperation with efforts to improve observing strategies and numerical prediction.

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8 thoughts on “Research

  1. I was not sure exactly where to make this comment on this website. I searched until I finally found the Hurricane Research Division. I read over some of the detailed and intricate information before finding this research division. I have had this thought in my mind since 2003-2004. Whenever we had hurricane warnings issued, it gets some imaginative and creative minds like mine thinking a little more than usual. I did tell a few people not thinking that it was even possible. I was working 40-60 hours a week when I lived in Florida – NW.

    I am not good at explaining things. I have ideas. I am kind of an inventor and idea person. I just never really thought about it most of my life. Ideas and inventions weren’t as popular in last 30-40 years as in recent years. I have no background in weather research or meteorology. When a new subject touches my mind, I just start to thinking no matter what the subject matter. I am not a very good writer, so I will get to the point of my research idea that may already be in effect. Every nut has a new idea. I am not a nut. I had thought of this idea when I lived in Florida. I did not know exactly who to explain it to. In everyday conversation I might have talked too much or to the wrong person. I though this idea was more for NASA or the USAF and of course weather research. I am no expert. I just have a creative mind and hundreds of ideas in last 40 years. With my kind of mind it is just a natural thing to start thinking about ways to improve things or help with my little contribution to the world if possible. I was a design major in college (University of IL – UC – 86). We love your ideas, Your graphics are very average to not good at all. Nothing I didn’t know. I was not successful with my design career, but that is besides the point of writing this.

    I won’t bore you with my education, or career failures. I will get to my thought for future hurricane and storm research if the idea had not already been made aware to hurricane research. Is it even possible to fly certain objects into the eye or eye wall or whatever the technological term is for the outer area that circles the eyewall – the largest part of the storm where the width occurs? Bear with me. I don’t write or think as well as I once did. I am no one that self important. I just didn’t want you to think I was a nut as crazy as this might sound. I had this thought as I said in 2003-2004 when we evacuated for Ivan. You think this is a giant pain in the !! But you have to save your own life as you think nothing will be left when you return. Am I the only person who tries to take a few pieces of luggage? Id rather not have to rely on insurance. I was working at the time . If we didn’t lose everything I wouldn’t have to buy new clothes. Sorry…onto the idea.

    Possibly simulate flying certain research objects into the storm to slow down the speed of the winds or other parts of the storm. Simulate the storm variables on a computer application and study and research the outcome of the object activity. I know this is pretty basic thought that anyone would think about. I am not that intelligent or a scientist or have studied meteorology etc. I have a little knowledge of computer technology and I have a very creative imagination. I usually never told many people my ideas because I didn’t think anyone would listen to me because they will think what a crazy and dumb idea. Some real inventors do have that problem. Who do I talk to or who will listen to someone like me who is just an idea person, but has no direst knowledge of the subject in question? People listen to groups of people who steal or borrow the idea for the purpose of money or notoriety. I never really thought about it. All these years this could have been my career in some ways. I am no expert or talent at any one thing. I should have had my own patent attorney. I called one in 2003 about my thought on hurricanes. He told me to contact the Univ. of Florida Meteorology Dept. I was busy working and never really thought about it. It seemed like a crazy idea to me. I had no confidence to make the phone call or contact them

    Probably why I never told anyone my insane ideas. I was too busy working and didn’t think about the money I could make from it. I was thinking mostly about the way I could improve something or make our lives better. Being very broke after many years of work, one good idea could have retired me by age 30. Never mind. That is my problem to deal with. As for the hurricane research, I am sure you simulate storms on computer presently. My first thought was to break up the outer clouds. I used to walk on the beach on sunny or cloudy days, and I would always notice a wide break in the clouds almost as that large break represents the heavens.

    During and after Ivan I got to thinking more about hurricanes. Can we break them apart or can we devise an object or chemical to slow down the winds? No, not create warfare although the Dept. of Defense and USAF might want to further research that and investigate it further… less costly warfare?? Flying into the storm is dangerous. I first thought could a plane break it up?? But a pilot can’t fly through a storm like Irma I understand they can fly around it in some ways as I was reading on this website – Hurricane Weather Center (I hope you are a legitimate website. There could be so many fake websites. I don’s know why there would be fake websites for hurricanes?) I read the research information as best as I could understand it before writing this. I was reading about the flight schedules for the flights flying around the storm, and other information. related to hurricanes.

    Possibly they could test it to fly through lesser storms like a Cat 1 or 2. Also is it possible to with an object change the direction of the storm in some way, or drive or push it in some way? That sounds a little ridiculous I though at first so why can’t a plane fly back and forth through the outer storm and break up the swirling on the outside of the eye. I have not studied the weather so I don’t know all the details of the storm or atmosphere. I know once it gets colder that tornados aren’t as common but that is not entirely true, there is always an exception. The air and temperature varies with hurricanes because of the water temperature and movement of the water and possibly the depth of the water.

    Maybe I am making some sense at this point?? My main thoughts are breaking up the outer cloud area or the wall area or an object or chemical that could be dispersed into the clouds if even from above the storm clouds. Drones could possibly be used for such research or planes with a robotic pilot in a research plane to fly into the storm clouds. Or other research possibilities to lessen the strength of the storm could be simulated on a computer application. An app that shows the storm graphically and variations of the storm by speed and velocity and width etc. Research, on the computer, ways to possibly break up the clouds or storm before actually sending the research object into the storm to possibly get the desired research result. I would think that by now maybe you get the idea of my thought process. This may or may not be helpful, but any thought that might be valuable with storms that can kill and take so many lives and do so much destruction. In the last few days as I watched the weather channel and other Hurricane Irma information, I keep thinking I hope most people evacuate. Save their own lives. Then I start to think this will destroy most of Florida. Florida is a great state. It makes me sad to think of all the damage and the torn up beaches and homes under water. We can only pray there aren’t too many lives lost. I love Florida and the people when I lived there. I did not want to leave. I was kind of forced to leave and move back to the central part of the country. I hated leaving for a lot of reasons. It was my home for 7 years. I hate the thought of Florida being destroyed. It can be rebuilt, but all of that money that is needed to do that. Every disaster puts our country further in debt. If I had a lot of money like many people in this country I could do my part to donate as much as I could. If this crazy idea is all I can contribute than that is something and all I can do. It is a horrible disaster. I pray we don’t lose many lives. The US officials have stated what you should do. Ivan was only a Cat 3 but the winds started picking up and the gulf started coming in. Time to go!! We only went 100 miles away and still had no power and a lot of wind. it was kind of scary. I knew our condo would be gone. No, it wasn’t. but we didn’t have a huge storm surge. Rebuilding the area took a year or longer. I remember the destroyed beaches and all the other destruction.

    All that damage they do, and so many miles wide – lives and homes. Maybe there is a way to slow them down or lessen there strength and damage. In the last few years they weren’t so damaging. I thought maybe research had figured out an idea to stop the destruction. Wishful thinking. Hurricanes are very unpredictable from year to year. You can contact me if I can explain my idea in any other way or better details. I don’t communicate as well as I once did, but I can still think. I guess that is as best as I can explain my thought on hurricane research.

    Thinking of everyone affected by the storm. Praying Florida doesn’t get too much destruction. Thank you for listening to my insane or not so insane thoughts for future research. Pray for Florida and the US and other countries affected by Hurricane Irma.

    thank you.


    1. Many ideas to change storms were proposed to no avail. See

      By the way we do fly our aircraft directly through the storm to estimate the storm location and peak winds. We can also use Doppler radars on the aircraft to do a Cat Scan of the wind field in 3-D. Been flying aircraft through hurricanes regularly since 1943, even CAT 5 storms like Irma.


      1. I apologize for not replying sooner. I hope you could understand my writing. I have problems with that when writing in a hurry. I had avoided writing anything further on this subject as to attend to personal matters. I do have a very well thought out idea for a type of computer application that may or may not involve AI technology. It is not Alexis, but it is just a thought I would like to talk to an expert with. It may have more applications than just storm research models. I don’t believe anything like this type of applications exists. I don’s know. I have a highly creative mind that thinks up the most bizarre ideas, but ones that might actually be useful or practical. I am in the process on writing a better explanation of my thought process and idea. I could be on the wrong path or it may just not be useful. But, until you present an idea to the right expert, you don’t know if it has any capability or not.
        I am working on contacting someone through an invent organization, unless you can put me in contact with most likely a computer expert or several – a systems developer or AI expert. I know the titles and terminology. I am just not sure what they call themselves these days in the tech industry. I worked for a software corporation as an administrative person – 89 – 91. I am well aware of what computers are capable of. This company was an expert systems or knowledge based systems development for mostly mainframe systems. I have no idea where any of these people are located now. I am trying to contact someone who can connect me to the experts I need to talk to in order to see if this idea has any potential. It may already be in use, or been developed.?

        I cannot just start explaining this to anyone and also need to protect my idea. I do not know if it has any capability, but I believe that it might have some use. The storm application was the first thought process. Since the recent hurricanes, I have been working on other thoughts of how this idea could be applied to other uses, which I can explain to someone who could be more knowledgeable of computer apps such as this one and their potential. I have more creative thought processes than computer technology. I have a little computer knowledge when working for that corporation. I also took a course in MS-DOS/Basic programming in 1994. That has nothing to do with this idea, but I am explaining my technology knowledge.

        I don’t know. This idea could be nothing, like my previous 50 or more invention ideas in the last 40 years. I have not one patent to my name. Either I created the idea when someone else did or they beat me to the invention process path as I had little help and was never very good at making the right contacts that could have helped me to get the idea moving forward.

        I won’t explain this any further. I just need to talk to someone who can help and has the proper knowledge to communicate the idea. I am currently working on contacting people and experts who can give good advice on this project. I am also still writing down the ideas. They are in very rough draft. I can get it written well enough this week, so could communicate the basic structure of the ideas.

        Contact me if you have any further comments, or know anyone you could put me in contact with to discuss this further. I am hopeful there is an idea here with great potential. There is no right or wrong when it comes to new ideas or inventions. You just have to have the courage to go out on a limb and ask for help. It could also be nothing. You won’t know if you don;t ask and seek help. This is not exactly a shark tank kind of idea. The way I see it, it could have a positive impact on mankind and natural sciences and other subject matter.

        From your point of view, this could have an affect on future hurricanes and other weather. Maybe you do or don’t understand my explanation of the idea. It may already exist. It may have more applications than just weather research. I will try to contact someone who can provide me with further knowledge of this idea. it may be obsolete as with newer AI and other technology my idea may not be useful. Contact me if you have any further comments or contact information. Someone may be working on it. It might have huge potential.

        Alyson M. ( No need to give last name at this time.)


    2. Leonovs idea was great, but use Drones instead of planes. It’s worth a try, so why doesn’t someone listen to him and take his idea seriously.


  2. Please provide an interactive map including a storm tracker path and radar graphic integrated within the interactive map. This will help visualize not only the track of the eye wall but also it’s amplitude. Please also make the interactive map capable of zooming in to street level so by entering your address you can visualize if you are in the path of the eye wall and give you enough time to prepare for the high velocity winds to impact your home. I know the technology already exists to do this, because I experienced this with Irma. I used the hurricane center’s storm tracker zooming in to street level. Compared it to the live stream of the Tampa Bay News 9 klystron 9 radar interactive map. I was able to identify the remnant of the eye wall once it was identified in Polk county by a meteorologist, follow it and actually see the streets it struck. This information can be used to create apps to alert people when to hunker down before the high velocity winds reach them which is extremely important for anyone with a mobility disorder who need time to move to a secure location.


  3. Is there any scientific effort underway to kill a hurricane before it kills us? Some years ago there was a program where a plane was sent into the eye of a storm to deposit crystals there in hopes of mitigating the storm strength. Given 2017s storms which hurricanes at 5 or higher caused many deaths and billions in repair. We need to kill the storm while it is still in its infancy.

    Senator Bill Nelson sent me to you as a place for an answer.

    Thank you,

    Jack Bechtold
    New Port Richey, Fl
    727 372-2541


    1. Thanks for your question. I appreciate your interest in saving lives and protecting property from hurricanes. We receive similar emails all the time and often these ideas focus on one aspect of a very complicated problem. We addressed a number of the common ones at
      The U.S. Government once supported research into methods of hurricanes modification, known as Project STORMFURY. During STORMFURY scientists seeded clouds in several storms with Silver Iodide. The ex-periments took place over the open Atlantic far from land. The STORMFURY seeding targeted clouds just outside the eyewall in an attempt to form a new ring of clouds that, it was hoped, would compete with the existing circulation of the storm and weaken it. For cloud seeding to be successful, the clouds must contain supercooled water, water that has remained liquid at temperatures below the freezing point 0°C. Observations made in the 1980s showed that most hurricanes don’t have enough supercooled water for STORMFURY seeding to work. Strangely, unseeded hurricanes form natural outer eyewalls just as the STORMFURY scientists expected seeded ones to do. This phenomenon makes it almost impossible to separate the effect of seeding from natural changes. Because the results of seeding experiments were so inconclusive, STORMFURY was discontinued. A special committee of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that a more complete understanding of the physical processes taking place in hurricanes was needed before any additional modification experiments.
      The current state of our understanding of hurricanes and their natural behavior makes it almost impossible to separate the effect proposed mitigation strategies from natural changes. Following STORMFURY NOAA concluded that a more complete understanding of the physical processes taking place in hurricanes was needed before any additional modification experiments were undertaken. Because the problem in so complex and our understanding is not complete enough to provide attribution for any modification approach it would be irresponsible to pursue any such approach making the government liable. NOAA continues to conduct research on hurricanes and uses that information to help protect people and property by improving forecast guidance.


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