The NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory’s Hurricane Research Division (HRD) mission is to advance the understanding and prediction of hurricanes and other tropical weather. HRD’s research is based on a combination of models, theories, and observations, with particular emphasis on data obtained from high-resolution numerical models and research aircraft in the inner core of tropical cyclones and their surrounding environment. The goals of this research are to:

  1. Advance the prediction of tropical cyclone intensity and structure change by improving understanding of the processes that modulate internal storm dynamics and storm interactions with the atmosphere and ocean;
  2. Improve the prediction of tropical cyclone tracks by enhancing understanding of the interactions between a tropical cyclone and its environment through an optimal analysis of numerical model data and field observations;
  3. Improve the understanding of and ability to predict tropical cyclone frequency, intensity, and structure on intraseasonal, interannual, decadal and longer time scales; and
  4. Enhance the ability to diagnose and predict the impact of tropical cyclones on life and property through wind, rain, waves, and storm surge.

These goals are accomplished by:

  1. designing and conducting research experiments in the hurricane to collect and provide data for research and operational applications;
  2. analyzing these data sets and publishing the research in the refereed literature;
  3. developing new technology and applications based on this research to improve NOAA’s products;
  4. developing and testing hurricane models to improve their ability to simulate nature, improve forecasts, and to optimize hurricane observing through the development of improved observing strategies, and
  5. providing outreach to the public through the WWW, conferences, presentations, and other means.