Happy International Cloud Appreciation Day!

As NOAA begins flights into Tropical Storm Fiona, we want to celebrate the first International Cloud Appreciation Day. Sponsored by the Cloud Appreciation Society, this is an internationally recognized day when people around the world are encouraged to spend a few moments appreciating the beauty of the sky. We thought we’d share some of the best photographs of clouds from our missions into Hurricane Earl earlier this month. Enjoy!

Sunset. Credit: Frank Marks.

Line of convection. Credit: Frank Marks

Low level circulation center of Tropical Storm Earl taken from the cockpit on September 3, 2022. Credit: Cmdr. Adam Abitbol, NOAA Corps
Low-level clouds with a 22-degree halo and parhelia (sun dogs) in the cirrus clouds above. Credit: Sim Aberson

Convection and stratiform clouds. Credit: Sim Aberson

The remains of convective clouds and virgo (rain not reaching the surface). Credit: Sim Aberson

Clouds through the window of NOAA43. Credit: Heather Holbach

Convective clouds with virgo. Credit: Sim Aberson

Another beautiful sunset. Credit: Heather Holbach

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