Bill Ramstrom named NOAA Team Member of the Month

Bill Ramstrom is a Senior Software Engineer at the Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS), which partners with the NOAA Atlantic Meteorological and Oceanographic Laboratory (AOML) in Miami, FL. Bill created and coded the first ever moving “nest” for the Unified Forecast System (UFS), a modeling system that supports NOAA’s Weather and Climate Enterprise.  Bill’s work supported the use of high resolution data critical for creating accurate hurricane forecast models, allowing researchers to track storm activity inside the core of a hurricane where the winds are the strongest and most destructive. Among other accomplishments, as part of his efforts Bill and his team navigated the intricate process necessary to allow for the NWS Environmental Modeling Center to successfully use his work in operational testing. Overall, Bill’s contributions have improved hurricane structure and intensity predictions that will greatly benefit the public and emergency managers in their decision-making.

Congratulations, Bill!

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