HRD Monthly Science Meeting of March 2022

March’s science meeting consisted of four presentations by students of our collaborator Prof. Haiyan Zhang at Florida International University:

  1. Xinxi Wang: Relating Tropical Cyclone Intensification Rate and Inner-Core Features Using 16-yr TMI data
  2. Adrian Lopez: Defining Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification Using Bootstrapping Extreme Threshold Estimation 
  3. Oscar Guzman: Climatology of Tropical Cyclone Rainfall Magnitude at Different Landfalling Stages Using 20-yr IMERG Data
  4. Samuel H. Robles: How Does Oceanic Factors Influence Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change? — A Case Study on Bonnie, Charley, and Ivan in the 2004 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Copies of the four presentations are available here

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