Frank Marks and Sim Aberson win awards for excellence and outstanding contributions to NOAA and the community

HRD Director Frank Marks received the Joanne Simpson Tropical Meteorology Research Award from the American Meteorological Society. The award is granted to researchers who make outstanding contributions to advancing the understanding of the physics and dynamics of the tropical atmosphere. Frank was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the understanding and prediction of tropical cyclones through scholarship, field contributions, and community leadership. Frank has worked tirelessly to advance the state of tropical cyclone knowledge, spearheading improvements that have led to advancements in ground-based, airborne, and spaceborne radar technology, data analysis, and numerical modeling. This has facilitated a greater understanding of the processes that fuel storm development and intensification, as well as provided more skilled forecast guidance to the National Hurricane Center. Frank is also an accomplished speaker, adept at communicating NOAA-related science and research to non-scientific audiences of all ages. He will receive the award in January 2022 at the American Meteorological Society’s 102nd Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas.

Sim Aberson has been awarded the NOAA Research Employee of the Year Award for Person and Professional Excellence. The award is for excellence in advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) at AOML and across OAR and NOAA. He received the award on 2 December during the 2021 OAR Awards Virtual Ceremony.

Congratulations to Frank and Sim on their outstanding accomplishments.