HRD Monthly Science Meeting of October 2021

October’s science meeting consisted of six presentations:

  1. Xiaomin Chen: A Framework for Simulating the Tropical-Cyclone Boundary Layer Using Large-Eddy Simulation
  2. Sim Aberson: Sally:  An Aborted Attempt to Form an Aligned Vortex?
  3. Kathryn Sellwood: Assimilation of Coyote Observations with HWRF GSI
  4. Jon Zawislak: Summary of NASA’s CPEX-AW Field Campaign
  5. Lisa Bucci: Comparison of Aeolus Observations to NOAA Dropsondes
  6. Kyle Ahern: How were the mid-Atlantic impacts of Hurricane Ida affected by Tropical Storm Fred and Hurricane Henri?

Copies of the six presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at:

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