HRD Monthly Science Meeting of June 2021

June’s science meeting consisted of six presentations:

  1. Nick Mesa (HRD): “Investigating intensity changes related to thermodynamic processes using near-coincident aircraft and satellite observations”
  2. Sophie Grimsley (HRD): “Hurricane Intensity Change and Boundary Layer Processes”
  3. Chris Landsea (NHC): “Was 2020 a Record-Breaking Hurricane Season?  Yes, but… (Why did the new average number of Named Storms go up so much?)”
  4. Sarah Ditchek (HRD): “A Systematic Assessment of Dropsonde Impact during the 2017-2019 Hurricane Seasons using the Basin-Scale HWRF: Overall Impacts”
  5. Stan Goldenberg (HRD): “NOAA’s May Seasonal Outlook for the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season: Methodology & Forecast”
  6. Andy Hazelton (HRD): “2021 HAFS-globalnest (HAFSV0.2B) Real-Time Forecast Plans” (11:15-11:30)

Copies of the six presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at:

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