Healther Holbach participates in SHORELINE21 Workshop

Dr. Heather Holbach participated in the SHared Operation REsearch Logistics In the Nearshore Environment (SHORELINE21) Workshop on April 26-27, 2021.  This workshop brought together experts from the fields of wind/coastal engineering, atmospheric science, oceanography, ecology, emergency management, and crisis communications to discuss field and laboratory research related to landfalling hurricanes, with a focus on reducing hurricane impacts to the built and natural environments.  Dr. Holbach’s presentation discussed HRD’s 2021 Hurricane Field Program plan with emphasis on the landfall experiments and small Uncrewed Aerial System capabilities.  This workshop provided an opportunity to further improve collaboration between HRD’s airborne capabilities and land-based research teams to get the most out of all of the data that is collected in landfalling hurricanes.

You can download the presentation from here.

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