HRD Monthly Science Meeting of February 2021

February’s science meeting was hosted by NHC and consisted of nine presentations. The first two presented an overview of the proposed Tropical Marine Testbed (TMT) from a NWS and OAR perspective, and the remaining seven presentations were from NHC and HRD researchers describing potential projects that the TMT might tackle: 

Overview of Tropical Marine Testbed concept

  • Ken Graham: “Vision for the lab at NHC”
  • John Cortinas: “Remarks on new testbed at NHC”
  • Q&A for Ken and John


  1. Eric Blake: “Recent forecast challenges from the NHC perspective” 
  2. Stacy Stewart: “Comparisons of WSR 88-D velocity data to flight-level aircraft recon data”
  3. Lakemeriam Worku: “Testing of the Inland Wind Recommender as part of the Hazardous Weather Testbed for Tropical Cyclone (HWT-TC)”
  4. Paul Reasor and Heather Holbach: “Reduction of Airborne Tail-Doppler Radar Winds to the Surface”
  5. Andy Hazelton and Gus Alaka: “Real-time 3-D TC Structure Evaluations for High-Resolution Output from HAFS and HWRF”
  6. Michael Fischer: “”New techniques to use observations to relate TC structure to intensity change”
  7. Pete Black: “Possible Real Time display of WSRA/ KAIA Surface Waves and TDR/SFMR Surface Winds in wave-relative and storm-relative coordinates”

Copies of the last seven presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at:

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