HRD Monthly Science Meeting of February 2020

February’s science meeting consisted of seven presentations:

  1. Kyle Ahern: Simulated Boundary Layer Structure in Hurricane Earl (2010) After Peak Intensity
  2. Udai Shimada: Self-Introduction and Research Plans at HRD
  3. Levi Cowan: Comparison of Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Interactions with Upper Tropospheric Jets During Intensification and Weakening
  4. Sim Aberson: Multiple vortices as seen in Tropical Cyclone Rina on 27 October 2011
  5. Jun Zhang:  In-situ observations of the diurnal variation in the boundary layer of mature hurricanes
  6. Kathryn Sellwood: Optimizing Dropwindsonde Levels for Data Assimilation
  7. Joe Cione: Exploring the Future of Hurricane Reconnaissance Using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The seven presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at:


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