HRD Monthly Science Meeting of June 2019

June’s science meeting consisted of eight presentations:

  1. George Halliwell: Impact of the Anomalously Warm Gulf of Mexico on Hurricane Michael (2018) Intensity
  2. Kathryn Sellwood: How do we get good data from Dropsondes?
  3. Nicolas Johnson (Hollings Scholar, UAH): Estimating Hurricane Surface Winds
  4. Addison Alford (OU): Structural Changes in the Hurricane Boundary Layer at Landfall
  5. Renee Richardson (FSU): Modeling the Effects of Sea Spray on Surface Wind Stress under Hurricane Conditions
  6. Robert Rogers: New diagnostic tools for NOAA Airborne Doppler Radar
  7. Andy Hazelton: HAFS Real-Time Demo Summer 2019
  8. Stan Goldenberg: NOAA’s May Outlook for the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season: Lots of Uncertainty

The eight presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at: