HRD Monthly Science Meeting of December 2018

December’s science meeting consisted of seven presentations:

  1. Dave Raymond: “The Organization of Tropical East Pacific Convection (OTREC) Field Campaign”
  2. Xuejin Zhang: “Development of Hurricane Analysis and Forecasting System”
  3. Rob Rogers: “Summary of the 2018 HFP-IFEX”
  4. Dr. Chris Barnett: “Overview of JPSS Atlantic/SAL Field Campaign Activities”
  5. Gus Alaka: “Verification of the 2018 Basin-Scale HWRF”
  6. Michael Fischer: “On the RI of Hurricane Irma”
  7. Chris Landsea: “Extreme Cold Front over Mexico November 13-14, 2018”

All the presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at: