HRD Debrief for missions into Hurricane Michael – 26 October 2018

HRD researchers discussed the results from the 6 P-3 and 3 G-IV missions into Hurricane Michael, AL14 (8-10 October 2018). The agenda for the discussion was:


  • Missions Overview (Jon Zawislak)
  • Deployment Overview (Jon Zawislak)
    • 20181008H1 (Kelly Ryan)
    • 20181009H1 (Rob Rogers)
    • 20181009N2 (Jason Dunion/ John Kaplan)
    • 20181009H2/Coyote (Kelly Ryan)
    • 20181010H1 (Rob Rogers/ Jon Zawislak)
  • EMC (Henry Winterbottom EMC)
  • NESDIS/Ocean Winds (Joe Sapp NESDIS)
  • Ocean Survey Experiment (Nick Shay/ Benjamin Jaimes de la Cruz UM/RSMAS/ Gustavo Gustavo AOML/PhOD)

Slides from all presentations are available at: