Sonia Otero named NOAA Associate Team Member of the Month for October


Sonia was named Team Member of the Month for her work providing part-time support to NOAA’s Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) as a software engineer and troubleshooter. Sonia programs complex code that is executed aboard NOAA aircraft and spent the past year working to ensure that AOC’s aircraft weather messages were properly assimilated into the weather models. Sonia made two key contributions when issues were discovered during AOC test missions in June and July 2018 — she developed a software module that integrates dropwindsonde data-sets into weather models and wrote a sophisticated program that incorporates dropwindsonde data from the ground rather than aircraft, thus saving critical aircraft space.  Sonia’s contributions have significantly improved AOC and NWS operations and she is a valuable member of the OMAO team.


Congratulations Sonia!