HRD becomes a recipient of the NOAA Preserve America Initiative Internal Funding Program (PAIIF)

The NOAA Preserve America Initiative Internal Funding Program (PAIIF) recently announced the recipients of the 2018 funding initiative.   The chosen projects demonstrate the concept of using heritage to communicate NOAA’s messages and contemporary issues that are of relevance to the American public today.  The projects represent current issues facing the nation and NOAA:  sustainable economies, community and cultural engagement, building strong partnerships, educating future generations through learning about the past, and engaging in diversity and inclusiveness for the future.  The projects selected this year represent great diversity in scope, geography, and preservation.

The project at HRD is for Visualization of Historical NOAA Hurricane Hunter Aircraft Data with Project Lead Jonathan Zawislak.  The project description is:

The NOAA Hurricane Hunters have a long history of collecting unique data in tropical storms and hurricanes, through a close collaboration between the AOML/Hurricane Research Division (HRD), OMAO/Aircraft Operations Center (AOC), and NWS/National Hurricane Center (NHC) and Environmental Modeling Center (EMC). These data have contributed towards advancements in the monitoring and forecasting of hurricanes, an assessment of their risks, and a scientific understanding of their underlying processes. However, there has been considerably less effort towards customizing datasets for education and outreach to the public in a way that is visually engaging. This project will take historical information from past hurricanes to create visualizations (e.g., animations and static images of hurricane flights with data from the aircraft and satellite images overlaid) that highlight the NOAA Hurricane Hunter (P-3 and G-IV aircraft) assets and the data they collect. These visualizations will modernize and enhance outreach materials, including media targeted at educators and students, which in turn will be used to inform the public about the NOAA Hurricane Hunter mission and teach students fundamental hurricane concepts.


More information on the Preserve America Initiative and the 2018 recipients can be found at