HRD mourns tropical meteorologist T. N. Krishnamurti

HRD recently learned of the passing of Professor T. N. Krishnamurti, Professor emeritus at the Florida State University Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences.DVcUJ9nWsAES1eR.jpg

Professor Krishnamurti was born Tiruvalam Natarajan Krishnamurti in India in 1932 and holds a B.A. degree in physics from Delhi University and an M.A. degree in meteorology from Andhra University in Visakhapatnam.  He earned his Ph.D. in Meteorology from the University of Chicago in 1959, and his interest in tropical cyclones began there during his early years as a student.  Professor Herbert Riehl, a pioneer in hurricane research, was his primary instructor.  Dr. Krishnamurti participated in early exploratory flights into hurricanes and typhoons from West Palm Beach, FL, and Guam during those years.

Krish, as he was known, here with Bill Gray and Ed Zipser in the background, during the early days of what is now HRD.

We extend our deepest condolences to his wife Ruby and his family for this loss.

One thought on “HRD mourns tropical meteorologist T. N. Krishnamurti

  1. Dr. Krishnamurti was great physicists whose papers on the Rayleigh-Taylor instability with sheared flows we often reference in plasma physics. Unfortunately, I never met him but admired his straight forward experiments and analysis of the key – and widely applicable experiments to both neutral fluids and gasses. Several of the plasma PhD students from the IFS at UT Austin used his results adopted to plasmas.


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