HRD & AOML researchers at 98th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Austin, TX – 7-11 January 2018

Abstracts and recordings of  the 27 presentations and 9 posters AOML & HRD researchers presented (or were co-authors) at the 98th AMS Annual Meeting are available online from the AMS website:


  1. Karina Apodaca, M. Zupanski, L. Cucurull, and M. Hu – Implementation of the GOES-16 GLM Lightning Assimilation into the NCEP/GSI System for Improved Global and Convective-Scale Assimilation and Prediction
  2. William J. Blackwell, S. A. Braun, R. Bennartz, C. S. Velden, M. DeMaria, R. Atlas, J. P. Dunion, F. D. Marks Jr., R. Rogers, and B. Annane – The NASA TROPICS CubeSat Constellation Observatory
  3. Sean Casey, R. Atlas, R. N. Hoffman, L. Cucurull, and A. C. KrenGeostationary HyperSpectral Sounder (Geo-HSS) Constellation: A Global OSSE Assessment
  4. Joseph J. Cione, K. Ryan, A. Aksoy, B. A. Dahl, J. Zhang, E. A. Kalina, B. B. Baker, and E. J. Dumas Jr. – Low Altitude Coyote UAS Missions into Major Hurricane Maria
  5. Joseph J. Cione, J. Zhang, E. A. Kalina, E. W. Uhlhorn, T. Hock, and J. A. Smith – Infrared Sea Surface Temperature Measurements from Hurricane Edouard (2014) using GPS Dropsondes
  6. Lidia Cucurull, J. Purser – Algorithm Improvements on the Assimilation of Radio Occultation Observations to Optimize and Accelerate the Use of COSMIC-2A in Operational NOAA’s Weather Models
  7. Lidia Cucurull, R. Atlas, R. Li, M. Mueller, and R. Hoffman – An Observing System Simulation Experiment with a Constellation of Radio Occultation Satellites
  8. Javier Delgado, L. Bucci, K. Ryan, and R. AtlasA 2-km Basin-Scale Nature Run for a Hurricane Regional OSSE System
  9. Sundararaman Gopalakrishnan, M. A. Bender, G. J. Alaka Jr., X. Zhang, S. J. Lin, F. Toepfer, and F. D. Marks Jr.The 2017 NOAA Hurricane Forecast Improvement Program (HFIP) Real-Time Experiments
  10. George R. Halliwell Jr., V. H. Kourafalou, R. Atlas, and M. Le Henaff – Idealized OSSE Evaluation of Ocean Profiler Assimilation for Improving Mesoscale Ocean Analysis and Prediction
  11. Svetla M. Hristova-Veleva, H. Chen, S. Gopalakrishnan, and Z. S. Haddad – Low-Wavenumber Analysis of Observations and Ensemble Forecasts to Develop Metrics for the Selection of Most Realistic Members to Study Multiscale Interactions between the Environment and the Convective Organization of Hurricanes: Focus on Rapid Intensification
  12. Andrew C. Kren, L. Cucurull and H. Wang – Evaluation of the Ensemble Transform Sensitivity Technique and Flight Path Design for Adaptive Observations using an OSSE Framework
  13. Zhenglong Li, J. Li, P. Wang, A. Lim, T. J. Schmit, J. Li, F. W. Nagle, R. Atlas, S. A. Boukabara, T. Pagano, W. J. Blackwell, J. Pereira, and K. Tewey – Evaluating the Potential of CIRAS and MicroMAS-2 in Mitigating the Data Gap of CrIS and ATMS
  14. Agnes Lim, A. Huang, J. A. Jung, Z. Li, F. W. Nagle, G. Quinn, J. Woollen, S. B. Healy, J. A. Otkin, M. D. Goldberg, and R. AtlasImpact Analysis of LEO Hyperspectral Sensor IFOV Size on the Next-Generation High-Resolution NWP Model Forecast Performance
  15. Avichal Mehra, V. Tallapragada, Z. Zhang, B. Liu, L. Zhu, W. Wang, H. S. Kim, D. Iredell, S. Abarca, J. A. Sippel, Q. Liu, M. Tong, and B. Zhang – Recent Upgrades in Tropical Cyclone Forecast Modeling at NWS/NCEP Using the R2O Process
  16. Isaac Moradi, F. Evans, W. McCarty, F. D. Marks Jr., and P. Eriksson – Assimilation of All-Weather GMI and ATMS Observations into HWRF
  17. Michael Mueller, A. C. Kren, L. Cucurull, R. Atlas, R. N. Hoffman, G. Ge, and T. R. PeeveyImpact of a Proposed Constellation of Radio Occultation Data on Tropical Cyclone Forecasts
  18. Shirley T. Murillo, C. W. LandseaImproving Forecast Guidance through the Joint Hurricane Testbed
  19. Derek J. Posselt, H. Su, L. Wu, H. Nguyen, W. McCarty, and R. AtlasUsing a Spectrum of OSSEs of Varying Complexity to Support Satellite Mission Design
  20. Derek J. Posselt, C. S. Ruf, R. Atlas, N. L. Baker, D. Burrage, J. A. Crespo, J. T. Johnson, T. J. Lang, X. Li, E. D. Maloney, D. McKague, M. Morris, Z. Pu, E. Riley Dellaripa, and D. E. Waliser – CYGNSS Science Highlights from the First Year on Orbit
  21. Jonathan Poterjoy, L. J. Wicker – Storm-Scale Weather Analysis and Prediction at the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory Using a Localized Particle Filter
  22. Jonathan Poterjoy, G. J. Alaka Jr., X. Zhang, J. A. Sippel, and Z. Zhang – An Experimental Basin-Scale HWRF Analysis and Prediction System for Model Development and Satellite Data Assimilation Research
  23. Zhaoxia Pu, Z. Cui, V. Tallapragada, C. S. Ruf, and R. AtlasAssimilation of CYGNSS Ocean Surface Wind Speeds with NCEP GSI-Based Ensemble-Variational Data Assimilation Systems
  24. Paul ReasorThe 2017 NOAA Hurricane Intensity Forecasting Experiment (IFEX)
  25. Narges Shahroudi, Y. Zhou, T. Zhu, S. A. Boukabara, K. Ide, R. N. Hoffman, and R. AtlasAssessments of CubeSat MicroMas-2 and CIRAS Impacts on NWP through Global OSSE
  26. Bo-Wen Shen, R. A. Pielke Sr., X. Zeng, I. D. A. Santos, S. Faghih-Naini, J. Buchnann, and R. AtlasButterfly Effects of the First and Second Kinds in Lorenz Models
  27. Fred Toepfer, E. Rappaport, F. Marks, V. Tallapragada, S. G. Gopalakrishnan, N. P. Kurkowski, and N. Lett – Hurricane Forecast Improvement Program (HFIP) Plan to Enact the Weather Act


  1. Bachir Annane, S. M. Leidner, S. J. Majumdar, B. D. McNoldy, R. N. Hoffman, R. Atlas, J. A. Sippel, and Z. Zha –   Impact of CYGNSS Wind Speeds and Variational Analysis Wind Vectors on HWRF Analyses and Forecasts
  2. Steven Cocke, D. W. Shin and B. Annane – Assessing Flood Risk for the State of Florida
  3. Brittany A. Dahl, A. Aksoy, J. P. Dunion, and H. ChristophersenOSSE Evaluation of the Impact of Global Hawk Dropsonde Spatial Distribution on Vortex-Scale Tropical Cyclone Analyses and Forecasts
  4. Hyun-Sook Kim, N. Bond, S. Chen, P. G. Black, J. J. Cione, J. Dong, P. J. Fitzpatrick, I. Ginis, G. R. Halliwell Jr., S. R. Jayne, B. Liu, A. Mehra, E. R. Sanabia, L. K. Shay, V. Tallapragada, B. Thomas, J. Zhang, and L. Zhu – Ocean Model Impact Tiger Team: Ocean Model Impact Study for Hurricane Forecasting
  5. S. Mark Leidner, S. J. Majumdar, B. D. McNoldy, R. N. Hoffman, and R. AtlasCYGNSS Gridded Global Wind Vectors: Variational Analysis with GFS Backgrounds
  6. Kelly Ryan, L. Bucci, R. Atlas, S. Murillo, and C. W. LandseaSensitivity of G-IV Dropsonde Configuration on Tropical Cyclone Prediction Using a Regional OSSE Framework
  7. Narges Shahroudi, Y. Zhou, T. Zhu, S. A. Boukabara, K. Ide, R. N. Hoffman, and R. AtlasGlobal Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSE) for CubeSat MicroMas-2
  8. Yan Zhou, N. Shahroudi, S. A. Boukabara, K. Ide, T. Zhu, R. N. Hoffman, and R. AtlasAssessments of CIRAS Impacts on NWP through the Community Global Observing System Simulation Experiment (OSSE) Package