Kelly Ryan, Renellys Perez, and Lisa Bucci talk about recent outreach events

Kelly Ryan and Lisa Bucci of HRD and Renellys Perez of AOML’s Physical Oceanography Division presented their recent experiences in talking to students around the country about their careers and experiences.

Kelly went to the Intrepid Air, Sea, and Space Museum in New York City to talk to students of all ages at their GOALS for Girls Forum. She presented a talk called “NOAA Hurricane Hunters and Their Drones” and talked about careers in atmospheric science and related fields.


Renellys participated in the annual Exploring Marine Science Day at the University of Miami Rosensteil School for Marine and Atmospheric Science. She led interactive science demonstrations about stratification of warm/cold and fresh/salty water to 50 female middle-school students.


Lisa talked to students at three different schools. First, she participated in the Green Education Fair at Homestead Airbase School, where she talked to students in kindergarten through 8th grade. She gave a career talk to Melbourne Catholic Central High School students, and participated in an Elementary School career talk with Portage Elementary in Michigan.


You can see their talk at