An early morning flight for NOAA’s G-IV jet around Hurricane Irma

NOAA’s hurricane hunter G-IV jet will continue to gather data around Hurricane Irma. It is scheduled to take off from Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in LA at 1:30 AM ET. The data collected will go into the NOAA weather models. The data is also used by forecasters at the National Hurricane Center (NHC). It is NHC who has tasked the G-IV to fly these missions called synoptic surveillance missions. Synoptic refers to the spatial and temporal atmospheric scale of weather phenomena. For example, thunderstorms are categorized in the mesoscale. Hurricanes, atmospheric troughs and ridges are in the synoptic scale. In addition to flying around Irma, the jet will collect data ahead of Irma’s path to understand how other synoptic scale features play a role in Irma’s future track. Below is the proposed track. The dots indicate where dropwindsondes will be launched.


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