Ready for take off! NOAA’s hurricane hunter G-IV jet has eyes on Hurricane Irma

NOAA’s G-IV will fy today around Hurricane Irma. Take off time is set for 1:30 PM ET (1730 UTC) from Barbados. The crew has been tracking Irma for a few days now. With each flight we learn more and more how Irma interacts with the surrounding environment. The jet will also sample the ridge northwest of Irma. This ridge in the atmosphere is one of the key features that will determine the future path of Irma. The data collected from this and all of the NOAA flights we’ve been conducting will go into NOAA’s weather prediction models. Below is the flight track. The dots represent the dropwindsonde launch locations. These instruments collect critical data inside of Irma.

G-IV planned flight track

2 Replies to “Ready for take off! NOAA’s hurricane hunter G-IV jet has eyes on Hurricane Irma”

  1. I was wondering if any additional precautions need to be taken when riding into a storm with winds in excess of 185 mph? And what kind of data will you be looking for when sampling the ridge to the northwest of the storm?
    Just please, be careful.

    1. No extra precautions are necessary other than flying at safe altitude (8000 ft or higher). Stronger storms are actually easier to fly. In sampling the ridge we are using dropsondes to improve the numerical model guidance to better represent its depth, latitudinal and longitudinal extend.

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