HRD Monthly Science Meeting of June 2017

June’s science meeting consisted of 7 presentations:

  1. Brad Klotz – “Guidance on Observational Undersampling over the Tropical Cyclone Lifecycle”
  2. Pete Black – “Coordinating the the Global Hawk (NASA, NOAA, EPOCH) with the HRD AIPEX module (HFP)”
  3. Jon Zawislak and Heather Holbach – “Data Display, Archival, and Legacy (DDAL)”
  4. Leon Nguyen – “Science Motivation for Analysis of Intensification Processes Experiment (AIPEX)”
  5. Jon Zawislak  – “Tropical Cyclone Dropsonde Research and Operations Product Suite (TC-DROPS)”
  6. Emily Paltz – “Analyzing the impact of shear on tropical cyclones using dropsondes”
  7. John Kaplan – “Statistical Rapid Intensity Prediction: Implications of recent model results”

All the presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at: