HRD Monthly Science Meeting of April 2017

April’s science meeting consisted of 6 presentations:

  1. Gus Alaka: 2016 Basin-Scale HWRF MET-TC Verification 2016 Atlantic Basin
  2. Xuejin Zhang: Basin-scale HWRF Verification
  3. Mu-Chieh Ko (Laura): HIWPP Precipitation Evaluation – Selected cases of 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season
  4. Kathryn Sellwood: Assimilating Hurricane Imaging Radiometer (HIRAD) Surface Wind Speeds for Analyses and Forecasts of Tropical Cyclones
  5. Pete Finocchio (UM/RSMAS): Wind Profile Likelihood Analysis
  6. Yoshiaki Miyamoto (UM/RSMAS): Processes leading to Rapid Intensification
    of Tropical Cyclones under various conditions

All the presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at: