HRD researchers at 71st Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference/Tropical Cyclone Research Forum, Miami, FL – 14-16 March 2017

HRD and AOML scientists participated in the 71st Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference/Tropical Cyclone Operations and Research Forum. HRD scientists presented or were coauthors on 14 of the 45 presentations and 3 of the 10 posters. Shirley Murillo chaired the Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT) session and Sundararaman Gopalakrishnan chaired a panel discussion on “Research Supporting Operations: Current Research and Plans for the Future”.


  1. “Impact of Global Hawk on GFS Hurricane Forecasts” Abstract. Presentation. Kate Howard (NOAA NWS NCEP/EMC), Jason Sippel (NOAA AOML/HRD), and Vijay Tallapragada (NOAA NWS NCEP/EMC)
  2. “The TROPICS Smallsat Tropical Cyclone Mission: High Temporal Resolution Microwave Imagery as Part of NASA’s Third Earth Venture-Instrument (EVI-3) Program” Abstract. Presentation. Scott Braun (NASA), William Blackwell (Lincoln Laboratory (MIT)), Ralf Bennartz (University of Wisconsin), Chris Velden (University of Wisconsin), Mark DeMaria (NOAA NWS/NHC), and Robert Atlas (NOAA OAR AOML)
  3. “Retrieving Ice Microphysical Information from Radar Measurements for Comparison with Tropical Cyclone Numerical Models” Abstract. Presentation. Evan A. Kalina (CIRES, NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), Sergey Y. Matrosov (CIRES, NOAA OAR ESRL), Joseph J. Cione (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), Frank D. Marks (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), Jothiram Vivekanandan (NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory), Robert A. Black (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), John C. Hubbert (NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory), Michael M. Bell (Colorado State University), David E. Kingsmill (CIRES), and Allen B. White (NOAA OAR ESRL)
  4. “ATCF/AWIPSII Plans/Developments Update” Presentation. Brian Strahl (JTWC), Outline Mark DeMaria (NOAA NWS/NHC), and Frank Marks (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD)
  5. “Investigating the Utility of Multi-Lead-time Probabilistic Rapid Intensification Models” Abstract. Presentation. John Kaplan (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), Christopher M. Rozoff (CIMSS/University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Mark DeMaria (NOAA NWS/NHC)
  6. “Precipitation Structure Upshear and Its Role in Tropical Cyclone Intensification” Abstract. Presentation. Robert F. Rogers (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), Jon Zawislak (FIU), and Leon Nguyen (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD)
  7. “Data Assimilation and Initialization in HWRF” Abstract. Presentation. Sim D. Aberson (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), Altug Aksoy (CIMAS, NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), and Kathryn Sellwood (CIMAS, NOAA OAR AOML/HRD)
  8. “Ongoing and Future Improvements in HWRF Data Assimilation” Abstract. Presentation. Jason Sippel (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), Avichal Mehra, Mingjing Tong and Banglin Zhang (NOAA NWS NCEP EMC)
  9. “Impact of Ocean Initial Conditions on Operational Hurricane Forecasting” Abstract. Presentation. George Halliwell (NOAA OAR AOML/PhOD), Hyun-Sook Kim (NOAA NWS/EMC), and Nick Shay (RSMAS, University of Miami)
  10. “The Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT): A 2017 Update” Abstract. Presentation. Christopher Landsea (NOAA NWS/NHC), Shirley Murillo (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), Mark DeMaria (NOAA NWS/NHC)
  11. JHT Project 5: “Improvements to the Tropical Cyclone Genesis Index (TCGI)” Abstract. Presentation. Jason Dunion (CIMAS, NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), John Kaplan (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), Andrea Schumacher (CSU/CIRA), Josh Cossuth (NRL), Kate Musgrave (CSU/CIRA), and Paul Leighton (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD)
  12. JHT Project 8: “Further Studies of Observational Undersampling of the Surface Wind and Pressure Fields in the Hurricane Inner-Core” Abstract. Presentation. Dave Nolan (RSMAS, University of Miami) and Brad Klotz (CIMAS, NOAA OAR AOML/HRD)
  13. Research Supporting Operations: Current Research and Plans for the Future: HFIP (NOAA): Fred Toepfer (NOAA NWS), Frank Marks (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD)
  14. GFDL Model Retrospective, Abstract Presentation. Sundararaman Gopalakrishnan (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD)


  1. “Evaluation of the Impact of Synthetic CYGNSS Wind Speed Data on Tropical Cyclone Structure Analyses and Forecasts in a Regional OSSE” Abstract. S. J. Majumdar (RSMAS, University of Miami), B. D. McNoldy (RSMAS, University of Miami), B. A. Annane, (CIMAS, NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), S. M. Leidner, (AER Inc.) R. Atlas, (NOAA OAR AOML), and R. N. Hoffman (CIMAS, NOAA OAR AOML/HRD)
  2. “Effects of Parameterized Boundary Layer Structure on Vortex and Shear Interaction and Spin-up Dynamics in HWRF Forecasts of Hurricane Earl (2010)” Abstract. Jun A. Zhang (CIMAS, NOAA OAR AOML/HRD) and Robert F. Rogers (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD)
  3. “The Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project Awards — Integrating Research-to-Operations Gains at the National Weather Service” Abstract. Daniel Melendez (NOAA NWS), Fred Toepfer (NOAA NWS), Nkysheema Lett (NOAA NWS), Robert L. Gall (NOAA NWS), Christopher Hedge (NOAA NWS), ViJay Tallapragada (NOAA NWS NCEP EMD), Frank D. Marks (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), S. G. Gopalakrishnan (NOAA OAR AOML/HRD), Mark DeMaria (NOAA NWS NCEP NHC), and Avichal Mehra (NOAA NWS NCEP EMC).