HRD scientists participate in HFIP Annual Review, NHC, Miami, FL – 11-12 January 2017

The HFIP program is coordinated through 3 strategic planning teams (Model Development, Data Assimilation/Ensemble, and Post Processing and Verification Development) and 3 tiger teams (High Resolution Physics, Ensemble Product, and Ocean Model Impact). The HFIP strategic planning teams develop our multi-year strategy for improving hurricane forecast guidance, while the tiger teams are responsible for overseeing the development of specific new capabilities for the hurricane forecast guidance system. The goal of the Annual Review is to assess the past year’s accomplishments and to develop an integrated plan for next year that includes involvement across NOAA and from the community outside NOAA that leads to progress toward the overall HFIP goals. This meeting will provide updates from the various teams and discuss the NOAA strategy to address the hurricane problem under the Next Generation Global Prediction System developments. The agenda can be found here.

HRD scientists Sundararaman Gopalakrishnan, Frank Marks, and Xuejin Zhang provided invited presentations available here.