HRD observation team monthly meeting – 16 February 2017

The purpose of the observation team meetings is to bring together the people who use observations in their research on a regular basis to discuss issues they’re having, provide updates on observations they’re analyzing or collecting, and any other information that may be of interest to the broader group.  These meetings are also an excellent opportunity to integrate all of the many uses of observations in HRD’s capacity to improve the understanding and prediction of tropical cyclones.

Agenda for February 2017:

  1. Hurricane Field Program (HFP) 2017 plans (Paul Reasor)
    • Updates on planning
    • Online form for submitting experiments/modules for HFP
    • Online form for submitting Lead Project Scientist mission summaries
  2. Potential for web-based aircraft data visualization (Brad Klotz)
  3. HWRF case studies of interest and analysis plans (Gus Alaka)
  4. Initial analysis of Hurricane Hermine and Tropical Storm Karl dropsondes in ashear-relative framework (Zawislak)

The presentation from the meeting is available on the anonymous ftp site:


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