HRD Monthly Science Meeting of February 2017

February’s science meeting consisted of 7 presentations:

  1. Bachir Annane: Impact of Simulated CYGNSS Ocean Surface Winds on Tropical Cyclone Analyses and Forecasts in a Regional OSSE Framework
  2. Mark Leidner (AER): Creating Vector Winds from Simulated CYGNSS Ocean Surface Wind Speed Retrievals Using Variational Analysis
  3. Brittany Dahl: Impact of Global Hawk Observing Strategies on Vortex-Scale Tropical Cyclone Analyses and Forecasts in an OSSE Framework
  4. Addison Alford (University of Oklahoma): An Update on the SMART Radar Observations of Hurricane Matthew
  5. Brian McNoldy (UM/RSMAS): An Evaluation of Satellite-Derived Atmospheric Motion Vector (AMV) Characteristics Using TCI HDSS Dropsondes
  6. Paul Reasor: Eddy contributions to the spin-up of a vertically-sheared TC in an axisymmetric balance model
  7. Heather Holbach: Preliminary Analysis of HIRAD Data

All the presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at: