HRD & AOML researchers at 97th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA – 23-27 January 2017


Abstracts and recordings of  the 25 presentations and 6 posters AOML & HRD researchers presented (or were co-authors) at the 97th AMS Annual Meeting are available online from the AMS website:


  1. Bachir Annane B. D. McNoldy, S. M. Leidner, R. N. Hoffman, R. Atlas, and S. J. Majumdar, Impact of Simulated CYGNSS Ocean Surface Winds on Tropical Cyclone Analyses and Forecasts in a Regional OSSE Framework
  2. Altug Aksoy, J. Cione, B. Dahl, K. Ryan, H. Christophersen, and R. Atlas, Evaluating the Impact of Hurricane Observations from the Unmanned Coyote Aircraft in Observing System Simulation Experiments
  3. Robert Atlas, Core Science Keynote on Observing System Simulation Experiments (Invited Presentation)
  4. Peter G. Black, J. P. Dunion, G. A. Wick, L. Cucurull, J. J. Coffey, J. Sippel, A. Aksoy, and J. R. Walker, NOAA’s Sensing Hazards with Operational Unmanned Technology (SHOUT) Project: Strategies for Improving and Augmenting Existing Satellite and Manned Aircraft Observations with Recent Pacific El Niño and Atlantic Hurricane Rapid Response Global Hawk Flights
  5. William J. Blackwell, S. A. Braun, R. Bennartz,  C. S. Velden, M. DeMaria, R. Atlas, J. P. Dunion, F. D. Marks Jr., and R. F. Rogers, The Tropics Smallsat Tropical Cyclone Mission: High Temporal Resolution Microwave Imagery As Part of Nasa’s Third Earth Venture-Instrument (EVI-3) Program
  6. Lisa Bucci, D. Emmitt, C. O’Handley, J. Zhang, K. Ryan, and R. Atlas, Impacts of an Airborne Doppler Wind Lidar on Tropical Cyclone Analyses and Forecasts
  7. Sean Casey, R. Atlas, R. N. Hoffman, L. Cucurull, and N. Shahroudi, Global OSSEs for Error-Added Geo-Hyper IR (IASI) Observations
  8. Hui Christophersen, A. Aksoy, J. P. Dunion, R. Atlas, K. Sellwood, and B. Dahl, Use of Global Hawk Observations in Combination with Satellite Observations for Optimal Tropical Cyclone Analyses and Forecasts
  9. Joe Cione, K. Twining, M. Silah, A. Brescia,  E. A. Kalina, A. Farber, C. Troudt, A. Ghanooni, B. B. Baker, E. J. Dumas Jr., T. Hock, J. A. Smith, J. French, C. W. Fairall, G. deBoer, and G. Bland, NOAA’s operational end game for the Coyote Unmanned Aircraft System
  10. Brittany Dahl, A. Aksoy, J. P. Dunion, and H. Christophersen, Impact of Global Hawk Observing Strategies on Vortex-Scale Tropical Cyclone Forecasts in an OSSE Framework
  11. Javier Delgado, R. Atlas and S. Gopalakrishnan, Overview of Running a Regional Basin Scale Nature Run for Hurricane OSSEs
  12. George R. Halliwell Jr., M. F. Mehari, V. H. Kourafalou, R. Atlas, H. S. Kang, M. Le Henaff, and Y. S. Androulidakis, OSSE Evaluation of Rapid-Response Ocean Profile Surveys Prior to Hurricanes Edouard and Gonzalo
  13. Mark Leidner, B. Annane, R. N. Hoffman, and R. Atlas, Creating Vector Winds from Simulated CYGNSS Ocean Surface Wind Speed Retrievals Using Variational Analysis
  14. Zhenglong Li, J. Li, P. Wang, A. Lim, T. J. Schmit, J. Li, F. W. Nagle, R. Atlas, S. A. Boukabara, T. Pagano, W. J. Blackwell, and J. Pereira, Quick Regional OSSEs on Cubesat Based IR/MW Sounders on Local Severe Storm Forecasts
  15. Frank MarksPioneering the Use of Doppler Radar in Tropical Cyclones
  16. Frank Marks, Landfalling Tropical Cyclone Rainfall Distributions
  17. Shirley Murillo, Chris Landesea, R2O via The Joint Hurricane Testbed
  18. David S. Nolan, and B. W. Klotz, Further Studies of Observational Undersampling of the Surface Wind and Pressure Fields in the Hurricane Inner-Core
  19. Christopher S. Ruf, R. Atlas, P. Chang, M. P. Clarizia, J. L. Garrison, S. Gleason, S. J. Katzberg, Z. Jelenak, J. T. Johnson, S. J. Majumdar, A. O’Brien, D. J. Posselt, D. provost, A. Ridley, R. Rose, F. Said, J. Scherrer, S. Soisuvarn, and V. Zavorotny, The NASA CYGNSS Satellite Constellation for Tropical Cyclone Observations
  20. Kelly Ryan, L. Bucci, J. Delgado, R. Atlas, C. W. Landsea, and S. Murillo, Improving NOAA G-IV Synoptic Surveillance Targeting for Tropical Cyclones by Evaluating Aircraft Reconnaissance Observations in an OSSE Framework
  21. Kathyrn Sellwood, H. Christophersen, A. Aksoy, B. Dahl, and J. Dunion, Impact of Assimilating Surface Wind Fields from the Hurricane Imaging Radiometer (HIRAD) on Analyses and Forecasts of Tropical Cyclones
  22. Fred Toepfer, E. Rappaport, F. D. Marks Jr., V. Tallapragada, S. G. Gopalakrishnan, and A. Mehra, The Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project: Advancements Made in Recent Operational Implementations
  23. John R. Walker, G. Wick, P. G. Black, J. P. Dunion, L. Cucurull, A. C. Kren, H. Wang, J. A. Sippel, M. B. Sporer, R. F. Morales Jr., and J. May, NOAA UAS Program’s Sensing Hazards with Operational Unmanned Technology (SHOUT) Project: A Case Study for the End-to-End Utilization of High- and Low-altitude Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  24. Xuejin Zhang, G. J. Alaka Jr., B. Thomas, D. Sheinin, Z. Zhang, R. St. Fleur, S. Gopalakrishnan, and I. Ginis, Development on the Atmosphere-Ocean Coupled Basin-scale HWRF System: Targeting Research-to-Operation Transition
  25. Jun A. Zhang, F. D. Marks Jr. and X. Zhang, Improving Physical Parameterizations of the Operational Hurricane Weather and Research Forecast (HWRF) Model Using Aircraft Observations


  1. Ghassan J. Alaka Jr., X. Zhang, Gopalakrishnan, and F. D. Marks Jr., Investigation of Tropical Cyclone Forecasts in the Basin-Scale HWRF Ensemble System
  2. Bachir Annane, M. Leidner, B. D. McNoldy, R. N. Hoffman, and R. Atlas, Assimilation of CYGNSS Ocean Surface Winds in HWRF
  3. Sean Casey, R. Atlas, R. N. Hoffman, L. Cucurull, J. S. Woollen, I. Moradi, N. Shahroudi, S. A. Boukabara, K. Ide, R. Li, N. Prive, and F. Yang, Creation of a Control Dataset and Forecast System for Global OSSEs
  4. Ross N. Hoffman, A. Boukabara, V. K. Kumar, K. Garrett, S. Casey, and R. Atlas, A Non-Parametric Definition of Summary NWP Forecast Assessment Metrics
  5. Leon Nguyen, R. F. Rogers, and P. Reasor, Thermodynamic and Kinematic Influences on Precipitation Symmetry in Sheared Tropical Cyclones: Bertha and Cristobal (2014)
  6. Robert Rogers, and J. Zawislak, Precipitation Structure Upshear and Its Role in Tropical Cyclone Intensification