HRD Monthly Science Meeting of December 2016

December’s science meeting consisted of 6 presentations:

  1. Paul Reasor (HRD):  “Real-time, storm-scale diagnostics derived from Tail Doppler Radar”,
  2. Jun Zhang (HRD):  “Recent improvement in physical parameterization of horizontal turbulent mixing in HWRF “,
  3. Rob Rogers (HRD):  “Re-writing the Tropical Record Books:  The Extraordinary Intensification of Hurricane Patricia (2015)”,
  4. Hui Christophersen (HRD):  ‘Composite Analysis of Global Hawk Dropsonde Impact for Edouard (2014)’
  5. Eric Blake (NHC):  “Hurricane Forecasting Challenges During 2016”
  6. John Cangialosi (NHC):  “2016 Track/Intensity/Genesis Forecast Verification”

All the presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at: