HRD Monthly Science Meeting of September 2016

September’s science meeting consisted of 4 presentations:

  1. Evan Kalina (AOML/ESRL), “Power Spectra and Eddy Dissipation Rate Measured by the Coyote Unmanned Aircraft System in Hurricane Edouard (2014)”
  2. Sim Aberson (HRD), “A Preliminary Assessment of the HEDAS Reruns (2011-2015)”
  3. Hui Christophersen (HRD), “Evaluating the Impact of G-IV/P3-like Dropsonde Profiles on TC Analyses and Forecasts using Global Hawk Dropsondes”
  4. Brittany Dahl (HRD), “Impact of Global Hawk Flight Patterns in OSSEs”

All the presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at: