HRD Monthly Science Meeting of August 2016

August’s science meeting consisted of 7 presentations:

  1. Xuejin Zhang – “The 2016 Basin-Scale HWRF (HB16)”
  2. Alan Brammer (University of Albany/SUNY) – “Exploitation of Ensemble Prediction System Information in Support of Atlantic Tropical Cyclogenesis Prediction”
  3. Erin Dougherty (University of Albany/SUNY)- “Hurricane Bonnie (1998): Maintaining Intensity during High Vertical Wind Shear and an Eyewall Replacement Cycle”
  4. Sim Aberson – “Impact of G-IV Tail Doppler Radar Data on HEDAS Forecasts”
  5. Chris Landsea (NHC) – “Probabilities of Significant Wave Heights – A Potential New Product for the Marine Community”
  6. Jon Zawislak (FIU and AOML/HRD)- “Validation of Tropical Cyclone Precipitation in HWRF using Satellite Observations”
  7. Stan Goldenberg – “HWRF Basin-Scale Controlled Runs (BCR): Track and Intensity Verifications”

All the presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at: