15th Anniversary of CAMEX-4

NASA's CAMEX-4 logo
NASA’s CAMEX-4 logo

On August 16, 2001, NASA began the fourth in its Convection And Moisture EXperiment (CAMEX) field programs.  The CAMEX campaigns were designed to examine the moisture budgets and convective structure of tropical cyclones, and were carried out in conjunction with HRD’s annual hurricane field program.

The 2001 campaign centered around NASA’s DC-8 and ER-2 research aircraft operating out of Jacksonville Naval Air Station, flying into hurricanes within range and collecting radar and cloud physics data.  Flights were timed to coincide with the over-flight of NASA satellites, including TRMM, Terra, and QuickSCAT.

In addition to tropical cyclone missions, CAMEX-4 also had the auxiliary Keys Area Microphysics Project (KAMP).  The aircraft resources were deployed to investigate forming thunderstorms around the Florida Keys to improve rainfall estimates from microwave remote sensing.

A special issue of the Journal of Atmospheric Science was published in January 2006 summarizing the results from CAMEX-4. Some papers from that issue by HRD personnel using CAMEX-4 data:

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