HRD Monthly Science Meeting of July 2016

July’s science meeting consisted of 5 presentations:

  1. Joaquin Trinanes (AOML/PhOD) – “CoastWatch and PhOD satellite and ocean products in support of HRD 2016 hurricane season activities”
  2. Erin Dougherty (SUNY- Albany, HRD visitor) – “Hurricane Bonnie (1998): Maintaining Intensity during High Vertical Wind Shear and an Eyewall Replacement Cycle”
  3. Evan Forde (AOML/CNSD) – “An Update on the Historical Relationship of Saharan Air Layers With Atlantic Basin TC Activity (1987-2008)”
  4. Sandy Delgado (CIMAS/NHC) – “Results of the Reanalysis of 1956-1960 Atlantic Hurricane Seasons”
  5. Krista Dotterer (Hollings Scholar – NHC) – “Accuracy of Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU) Intensity Estimates in Hurricanes”

All the presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at: