Safety First – 2016 Aviation Water Safety Training

Several HRDers and collaborators participated in Aviation Water Safety Training in order to fly on NOAA aircraft. This hands-on training is required every 5 years in order to participate in NOAA aircraft missions such as those during the Hurricane Field Program.  The two-day classroom and pool course, taught by Federal Aviation Administration safety-certified trainers, covered topics on the physiological effects on the human body of flying, post-crash survival skills, personal survival kits, survival shelter and signaling.

In the pool, participants learned about the Winslow life raft that is on the aircraft, survival swimming techniques, how to use a Helicopter Emergency Egress Device System (HEEDS) bottle and evacuation skills on the Shallow Water Egress Trainer (SWET) chair.  Every participant donned a cold weather safety immersion suit and noticed how easily they can float and keep warm in it.