2016 Tropical Cyclone related anniversaries

This year we will be observing the following anniversaries of events related to tropical cyclones and research efforts into them.

Research Flight Facility personnel

 2011   5th anniversary 

  • Hurricane Irene brings great destruction to the Caribbean, Bahamas, and northeastern US and passes directly over New York City.
  • Typhoon Washi kills over 1200 people across the Pacific.
  • Hurricane Maria hits the Antilles and Newfoundland.

2006  10th anniversary 

  • Project AMMA examines the West African Monsoon and its influence on Atlantic tropical cyclone activity.
  • Typhoon Billis kills 859 in Asia.
  • Typhoon Saomai ravages Taiwan and China.
  • Typhoon Durian kills 1500 people in the Philippines and Indochina.

 2001  15th anniversary 

  • CAMEX-4 examines tropical convection associated with Atlantic hurricanes.
  • Goldenberg et al is published in Science magazine showing the effects of ENSO on Atlantic tropical activity.
  • Hurricane Michelle becomes the second costliest hurricane in Cuban history.
  • Typhoon Vamei forms very near the Equator.

1996  20th anniversary

  • NOGAPS and UKMET forecast models become operational.
  • Mark Powell and Sam Houston publish two Hurricane Andrew papers in Weather and Forecasting
  • Hurricanes Bertha and Fran strike North Carolina two months apart.
  • Hurricane Cesar crosses Nicaragua and is renamed Douglas in the eastern Pacific.
  • Hurricane Lili hits Cuba and the Bahamas

1991  25th anniversary

  • Project TexMex examines tropical cyclone formation in the eastern Pacific
  • The USAF’s 53rd WRS (Hurricane Hunters) are transferred to the Reserves.
  • Typhoon Thelma kills thousands of people in the Philippines and Vietnam.
  • Hurricane Bob strikes Long Island.
  • Cyclone hits Bangladesh, killing ~140,000 people

 1976  40th anniversary 

  • NOAA 42 begins service flying research missions into hurricanes.

1971  45th anniversary 

  • Rick Anthes produces first 3 dimensional hurricane model.
  • Navy VW-1 Typhoon Trackers disbanded
  • Hurricane Edith ravages Central America and gives NOAA DC-6 a good shaking.
  • Hurricane Ginger travels a great distance back and forth over the Atlantic before becoming the last storm seeded as part of Project STORMFURY

 1966  50th anniversary 

  • Hurricane Alma is one of the earliest Atlantic hurricanes to hit the US striking Tampa Bay.
  • Hurricane Faith produces the longest Atlantic hurricane track on record.
  • Hurricane Inez becomes a major hurricane in the Caribbean and is subject of multilevel study from RFF aircraft.

 1961  55th anniversary 

  • The Research Flight Facility (RFF) is formed from the Aircraft Group of NHRP.
  • Hurricane Carla is examined by RFF aircraft during its entire life cycle. Carla brings great destruction to Texas and launches Dan Rather’s national career.
  • Hurricane Debbie affects the British Isles.
  • Hurricane Esther is seeded leading to formation of Project STORMFURY.
  • Hurricane Hattie strikes British Honduras, devastating Belize City, forcing the capital to move.

 1956  60th anniversary 

  • National Hurricane Reasearch Project has its first field program.
  • Jules Adem documents the Beta plane effect on hurricane motion.
  • Herbert Riehl and William Haggard propose a simple numerical hurricane prediction method.

1951  65th anniversary 

  • Bob Simpson carries out a ‘piggyback’ mission on Typhoon Marge
  • Hurricane Able becomes the strongest Atlantic hurricane recorded in May

1946  70th anniversary

  • First Interdepartmental Hurricane Warning Conference is held.
  • Both the Navy and Air Force formally organize Hurricane Hunter squadrons.
  • Hurricane passes over Tampa.

1941  75th anniversary 

  • Major hurricanes hit Texas and Nicaragua

 1936  80th anniversary

  • A major hurricane brushes the Eastern Seaboard

1931  85th anniversary 

  • A major hurricane strikes British Honduras killing ~2500 people.

1926  90th anniversary 

  • The Great Miami Hurricane hits southern Florida.
  • The Havana-Bermuda hurricane devastates Cuba

1921  95th anniversary

  • The Tampa Bay Hurricane crosses over central Florida
  • Sakuhei Fujiwara publishes his theory on the interactions of cyclones close to one another.

 1916  100th anniversary

  • A major hurricane hits Baffin Bay,Texas.

1906 110th anniversary

  • The Mississippi Hurricane floods Lake Pontchatrain and kills 134 people
  • Cuba establishes its government weather service, its Observatorio Nacional

1891 125th anniversary

  • The Martinique Hurricane kills over 700 people

1886 130th anniversary

  • The Indianola Hurricane wipes out the Texas town.

1881 135th anniversary

  • A hurricane hits Georgia killing approx. 700 people
  • Haiphong Typhoon hits Vietnam, killing ~300,000 people

 1876 140th anniversary

  • The Great Bakerganj Cyclone claims 200,000 lives in India.
  • The San Felipe Hurricane (Primo) hits Puerto Rico and Cuba. Its damage is studied by Fr. Benito Vines to further his studies of tropical cyclones.

1871 145th anniversary

  • The Kohala Cyclone hits Hawaii.

 1856 160th anniversary

  • Hurricane wipes out Last Island, Louisiana and kills over 200 people

1831 185th anniversary

  • Redfield publishes his observations and concludes hurricane have a circular flow
  • Cyclone hits Barisal, India and takes 22,000 lives.

1821 195th anniversary

  • William Redfield crosses Connecticut after a hurricane and observes tree falls in different directions.
  • The Cape May Hurricane strikes New Jersey.

1806 210th anniversary 

  • The Great Coastal Hurricane hits North Carolina and New England.

 1791 225th anniversary

  • A Cuban hurricane kills as many as 3000 people.

1776 240th anniversary 

  • The Point a Pitre Bay Hurricane kills more than 6000 people in Guadeloupe.

1281 735th anniversary

  • A second attempted Mongol invasion of Japan is thwarted by a typhoon, ending further attempts.