HRD employees honored at awards ceremony

A number of HRD employees were honored at an awards ceremony at AOML earlier in December.  Among the honorees:

HRD director Frank Marks and AOML director Bob Atlas present the CIMAS Gold Medal to Jun Zhang and Xuejin Zhang.

Jun Zhang earned a CIMAS Gold Medal for efforts to improve the surface layer and vertical-diffusion parameterization within the HWRF model to better match the observed surface flux and diffusion.  These factors were essential for HWRF to better forecast intensity and storm structure.

Xuejin Zhang earned a CIMAS Gold Medal for the design and implementation of the moving nest and initialization improvements to HWRF that enabled the third nest to be scaled down to 2-km resolution.


AOML director Bob Atlas and Deputy Director Molly Beringer present the award to Paul Leighton.

Paul Leighton was honored for technical expertise and professionalism that contributed significantly to the successful transition of research products to the operations of the specialists at the National Hurricane Center.


In addition, HRD federal employees were honored for their years in federal government service.

Great-Seal-US-50-years.JPGCongratulations to Howie Friedman for 55 years federal government service.  The federal Office of Personnel Management has awards for up to 50 years of service, but Howie has surpassed that and continues his service.

fed35yr.jpgBob Black, Peter Dodge, Neal Dorst, Nancy Griffin and Frank Marks were recognized for 35 years in federal government service.

Unknown.jpegSim Aberson, Bill Barry, Mike Black, John Ganache, and Paul Leighton were recognized for 30 years in federal government service.

Unknown-1.jpegJoe Cione was recognized for 20 years of federal government service.

Unknown-2.jpegRob Rogers was recognized for 10 years of federal government service.


Congratulations to everyone for their great work and service.