NOAA’s P3 aircraft is up in the air and heading towards Tropical Storm Erika

NOAA’s P-3 hurricane hunter aircraft took off from Barbados at 2:00PM to fly a Saharan Air Layer Experiment (SALEX)/Tail Doppler Radar (TDR) research mission into Tropical Storm Erika. The flight track is shown below.  The P3 will take measurements to understand how much dry air is interacting with Tropical Storm Erika. It will also collect data with the TDR to understand the structure of the system. The dots on the flight track (shown in green) represent the aircraft turn points. The red dots in the figure show the locations that launch weather balloons twice a day while the purple dots are the locations that launch balloons once a day.


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  1. Hello,

    I ‘ve got astonished with the graphics of yours and I will appreciate you could give some piece of advice about the scripting based on GrAds. I do know that the information is gathered from ballons information among other inputs to make the tracks.

    I am a current follower of this page and I like each post of yours. I am also a meteorologist who’s trying to come up with an idea of tracking systems.

    Looking to hear from you. Thanks in advance,
    Happy hunt!

    Cristian Febre
    Meteorologist from SENAMHI-PERU

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