HRD Monthly Science Meeting of August 2015

August’s science meeting consisted of 6 presentations:

  1. Linda Pikula (AOML Librarian) – NOAA PARR, Pubs and IR
  2. Matt Onderlinde (UM/RSMAS)– Tropical Cyclone Relative Environmental Helicity and the Pathway to Intensification
  3. Evan Kalina – Plowable hailstorms and hurricanes: Using novel observing platforms to improve forecasts of extreme weather events
  4. Hua Chen – A Study of the Influence of Shear on the Rapid Intensification of Tropical Cyclones using HWRF system Part II:
    Why Isaac (2012) didn’t intensify rapidly?
  5. Ghassan Alaka – The Value of a Basin-Scale Domain to Improve Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasts in HWRF
  6. Kathryn Sellwood – New HWRF Basin Scale Website

All the presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site at: