HRD mourns the passing of José Colón

José Ángel Pérez Colón, a researcher with the National Hurricane Research Project (NHRP) in the 1950s and 1960s, passed away this week.   He was born in Caomo, Puerto Rico, in 1921.  He got his start in research while at the University of Puerto Rico during World War II, receiving his bachelor degree in mathematics and chemistry.  He was hired to study the ionosphere’s effects on long-range communications for the US Navy, and later began graduate studies at the University of Chicago, where he earned a Professional Certificate in Atmospheric Sciences in 1945, Master’s degree in 1950 and doctorate in 1960 when he became the first Puerto Rican to obtain a PhD in the field.  His professional career began at the Institute of Tropical Meteorology in Rio Piedras (1945-1946).  He was an instructor in mathematics at the University of Puerto Rico (1946-1949).  He eventually got a job as a forecaster with the Weather Bureau in San Juan (1954-1959).  In late 1958, he met Bob Simpson who invited him to join the NHRP, then in West Palm Beach, FL, and he moved with NHRP to Miami the next year.

José Colón with his wife and Richard Anthes at the celebration of NHRP’s 50th anniversary in 2006.
In 1962, he volunteered for the International Indian Ocean Expeditions (IIOE), where he helped analyze and forecast monsoonal weather over the Indian Ocean basin. He remained in India until 1964.  Upon his return, he became the Meteorologist in Charge (Director) of the San Juan Weather Forecast Office from 1964-1986, when he retired from federal service.  After retirement, he had a special interest in climatology and genealogy.
Photograpnh from the IIOE, April, 1964. Seated left to right: J. R. Nicholson, C. R. V. Raman, D. R. Jones, Colin S. Ramage, José A. Colón, Lt. Col. F. R. Miller, C. M. Dixit, R. A. Smith. Standing 1st row: N. R. S. Iyer, V. C. Ved, S. L. Kavle, N. Simoes, S. Fernandes, R. Alimchandani, E. M. Raja. L. Samuel. Standing 2nd row: K. S. Venkiteswaran, B. Sethna, E. Chandrasekaran, S. Chidamaaram, A. D. Balang, J. Pinto
Among his 35 publications is the book Climatología de Puerto Rico.
His publications while with NHRP are:
Colón, J. A., and E. J. ZIPSER, 1962:  Mean-layer wind charts in tropical analysis. Mon. Wea. Rev.90, 465–470.
Colón, J. A.  and Lt. Cdr. W. R. NIGHTINGALE, 1963:  Development of tropical cyclones in relation to circulation patterns at the 200-millibar level.  Mon. Wea. Rev.91, 329–336.
Colon, J. A., 1964:  On Interactions Between the Southwest Monsoon Current and the Sea Surface over the Arabian Sea.  Indian Journal of Meteorology and Geophysics, 15, 183-200.
Colon, J. A., C. R. V. Raman, and V. Srialvasan, 1970:  On some aspects of the Tropical Cyclone of 20-29 May, 1963 over the Arabian Sea.  Indian Journal of Meteorology and Geophysics, 21, 1-22.

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  1. We at Cycloforums are very proud of the relationship developed with dr Colon. As an non profit organization that unify weather’s enthusiasts, students and mets, Cycloforums had the privilege of spend very good moments with dr Colon, who attended various of our meetings and hurricane season’s get together. We thanks Hurricane Research Division for such a kindly gesture of recognize dr Colon’s career.

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