HRD welcomes summer student interns


Continuing our long tradition of working with students, HRD is hosting three interns this summer.  From left to right:

Joshua Wadler is a NOAA Hollings Scholar working with Rob Rogers.  His project is examining how the region around strong convective bursts varies in different regions of the hurricane, and whether they are different in intensifying and non-intensifying storms.  He hails from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, and is also an Associate with the National Severe Storms Laboratory there.

Kurt Hansen is also a Hollings Scholar from the State University of New York at Albany.  He is working with Sim Aberson on the impact of strong downdrafts measured in hurricanes from dropwindsondes.

John D’Alesandro recently graduated from Northern Illinois University and will begin graduate studies at San Jose State University in the fall.  He is working with Eric Uhlhorn on simulating data from the stepped-frequency microwave radiometer in HWRF.

Here’s to a happy and productive summer for our three visitors.