HRD seminar – Dave Jones (Storm Center Communications) and Svetla Hristova-Veleva (NASA/JPL) – 13 May 2015

Dave Jones and Svetla Hristova-Veleva provided an overview of the Tropical Cyclone Information System (TCIS) developed at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to facilitate the inter-comparison of hurricane model simulations and passive microwave satellite observations within a common geo-referenced and web-based application. The purpose of their visit was to engage operational hurricane forecasters and researchers in providing:

  • Useful input & feedback into the capabilities of TCIS;
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses; and
  • Identify modifications that will better serve NHC & HRD

The intent of the feedback session is to enable JPL and StormCenter Communications to modify TCIS to better serve the needs of the hurricane research and operational communities. Dave provided an overview of StormCenter Communications role in improving access to TCIS and Svetla summarized TCIS and gave numerous examples of TCIS products and analysis tools. Copies of their presentations are available in a zip archive on the ftp site at: