HRD Monthly Science Meeting of May 2015

May’s science meeting consisted of 6 presentations:

  1. Eric Uhlhorn– Validation of Coyote Low-level UAS Observations In Hurricane Edouard
  2. Rob RogersMultiscale kinematic structure and evolution of Hurricane Edouard from 14-16 September using Global Hawk dropsondes and P-3 airborne Doppler radar
  3. Paul Reasor – Research Evaluation of the G-IV Tail Doppler Radar
  4. Sim Aberson – G-IV TDR observation quality as measured by HEDAS
  5. Stan Goldenberg – Temporally Homogeneous Verifications of Intensity & Track
  6. Hua Chen – VORTEX SE and Hurricane Landfalling Tornadoes

All the presentations and posters are available on the anonymous ftp site at: