AOML scientists participate in Broward Family Expo

Erica Rule (l) and Hua Chen (r) handle the NOAA booth.
Erica Rule (l) and Hua Chen (r) staff the NOAA booth.

AOML’s Dr. Hua Chen and Erica Rule participated at the First Annual 2015 Broward STEM Family Expo on Sunday, May 3, 2015.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and represents the four core disciplines critical to the development of America’s technological innovations. This extraordinary community event brought over 1,500 children of all ages and their families from across South Florida together to spark their STEM interest for a day of building, computer science, engineering design and fun with LEGO®.

The Expo featured hands-on, interactive STEM activities sponsored by local businesses, community partners, and post-secondary institutions to increase students interest in STEM-related activities and future careers opportunities. AOML highlighted the upcoming hurricane season and explained how technology is used to observe hurricanes including manned and unmanned aircraft, and how we translate those observations into understanding that improves hurricane models such as the Hurricane Weather Research and Forecast (HWRF) model.

Erica Rule and Hua Chen engage visitors to the NOAA Booth.  On the table is a COYOTE drone.
Erica Rule and Hua Chen engage visitors to the NOAA Booth.
Dr. Hua Chen explains the COYOTE probe to a budding scientist.