Bob Simpson autobiography now available from the American Meteorological Society


In 1951, Robert (Bob) Simpson rode a plane directly into the eyewall of a typhoon—just one of his many pioneering exploits. Bob and his wife Joanne are meteorological icons, particularly among tropical meteorologists: Bob was the first director of the National Hurricane Research Project (1955–1959), and a director of the National Hurricane Center (1967–1974). Along with Herbert Saffir, Bob was the creator of the widely used Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale; today, the public knows well his Categories 1–5. He is an Honorary Member of the American Meteorological Society, the highest honor that is bestowed by the Society.

Bob’s memoirs feature:

  • His adventurous boyhood in Texas
  • The story of being one of the first scientist to fly directly into a hurricane
  • His travels to international centers of meteorological study right as the science was burgeoning

Proceeds from this book help support the American Meteorological Society’s K. Vic Ooyama Scholarship Fund.

The book, co-authored by Neal Dorst, can be found at