HRD seminar – Lidia Cucurull, ESRL/GSD – 16 December 2014

Dr. Cucurull presented a seminar on “An overview of the Radio Occultation Technology and its impact in Operational Numerical Weather Prediction”.

During the talk, a review of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Radio Occultation (RO) technology and its impact in global NWP will be presented. Furthermore, current activities within the Global Observing Systems Analysis (GOSA) Group related to OSEs and OSSEs, particularly in support of the Data Gap Mitigation activities, will be discussed. Finally, areas of collaboration between GOSA and AOML to quantitatively evaluate the complementarity of different observing systems will be emphasized.

A copy of the presentation is available on the anonymous ftp site:

Cucurull presentation
Cucurull presentation